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Catherine Paiz-Plastic Surgery Analysis And Before And After Transformation

A well-known internet personality, Catherine Paiz is a social media star and an occasional actress who has appeared in minor roles in films like Monday Nights At Seven, You Can’t Have It and Lilin’s Brood.

The mother of three with her husband Austin McBroom co-runs a family YouTube channel, The ACE Family, which has gained her massive followers.

As we all know, she struggled her way up to victory-from modeling gigs as an Instagram influencer to YouTube. She is a social media success story.

Recently, the Lilin’s Brood alum has been speculated to have gone under the knife. So, is the people’s speculation about Catherine’s plastic surgery true? Let’s find out.

Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz- Plastic Surgery Analysis

A social media star Catherine Paiz has opened up about her beauty transformation.

According to different sources, Piaz has had many plastic surgeries over the years. Here are some of the prominent enhancements she has made.

Br**st Augmentation-

The 31 years old actress underwent a br**st augmentation. She revealed the procedure to her fans via her Instagram account on 14th November 2013.

She captioned-

“Ladies, so…..i find myself getting tons of emails regarding my br**st augmentation & figured I might as well post this. I did the procedure about 3 years ago and went with saline, under the muscle, incision through armpit….

The youtuber continued:

“I have little to no scars due to it being done on the crease of my armpit… I’m very opened about it and although I didn’t need to do the procedure I have no regrets life’s too short to not to go through with things that will make you happy.”

We can evidently see the huge changes in her then and now.

Source: [email protected] Entertainment
Catherine B**bs before and after the surgery

The procedure is done to increase the size of B**bs using implants or fat transfer.

As per 2020 statistics, an average cost for the surgery is between $6,000 to $12,000, including the surgeon’s fee of $4,866, and it can last 20 years or more.

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Rumors On Nose Job-

Catherine has been open about her Br**st enhancements but not about having a Rhinoplasty.

The rumors of her doing a nose job have been around for a long time, but the mother of three has always denied the rumors. But, compared to her pics from then and now, there are some noticeable changes.

Catherine’s nose is almost perfect, but it hasn’t always looked like this. Her nose before was a bit larger and had a slight bump, but now her nose is super sleek and petite with no signs of any bumps or imperfections.

Source: [email protected] Entertainment
Catherine’s nose before and after surgery

The changes effectively augment the rumors that Catherine underwent Rhinoplasty.

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Lip Fillers-

Since Catherine hasn’t addressed anything about her lip enhancements, going through her pictures from then and now, there seem to be some changes on her upper lips.

Source: [email protected]
Catherine lips then and now

As seen in the picture, Catherine’s lip at 21 is light thin, and now her lip seems way bigger than before..


After becoming a mother, fans have always speculated Catherine to have Lipo, a fat removal procedure. Thus, the social media influencer finally opened up about having Liposuction.

Catherine posted a video on her YouTube channel titled ‘Revealing My New Body.’ In the video, she opened up about her surgery.

I did two things-first my arms and the procedure is called air sculpt so it’s a non-invasive procedure you do awake and it’s pretty quickly and it’s considered like a lipo which I wasn’t actually aware of that but it’s considered like a lipo. You remove like excess fat in like certain areas that you no longer want them like stubborn fat and then I also did my lower belly abdomen area where I had like a pouch.

Basically, the Liposuction procedure uses a suction technique to remove extra fat from a specific part of the body like hips, thighs, arms, neck or others.

Source: [email protected] ACE Family
Catherine during Liposuction

According to the 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of Liposuction is $3,637.

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B*tt Lift Speculations-

Additionally, in some comments, people have posted an online claim that she has done some b8tt lift. But the model cum actress has always denied the rumors.

On her vlog, Catherine and her husband- Austin, mentioned they were natural. It’s just that there was a time before when she lost a lot of weight because of breastfeeding and stress, which made her hip shrink.

She stated-

“I gain 16 pounds during my pregnancy. Some people in general like this- where you gain your weight first in your butt. So, I gain weight in my butt and my thighs first and then my arms. I have not done anything to myself.

According to her, she just exercised a lot to get her body in proper shape. The actress seems to have done an extra workout and committed to staying in shape. So, it could be the proper diet and exercise.

Whatever Catherine has or hasn’t done, she looks gorgeous, beautiful and confident.

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