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Cameron Diaz Vowed Against Plastic Surgery After a Botox Treatment. Learn Why?

The Mask famed actress Cameron Diaz is not afraid of making big decisions in life and sticking it with it.  

Diaz, who was one of the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, decided to retire from the industry in 2014 because she was tired of traveling and filming. Similarily, when the 47-year-old did not like the result of her botox treatment, she vowed never to do plastic surgery and age gracefully. 

Though the actress is not interested in doing cosmetic surgery in the present and future, she had experienced going under the Knife. Learn the cosmetic surgery Diaz has and her overall viewpoint on plastic surgery. 

Cameron Diaz Had Rhinoplasty But Not for Cosmetic Reasons 

The Bad Teacher star had a nose job in 2006 to correct a breathing problem. Cameron, who is an avid surfer, broke her nose during a surfing accident, and she started having difficulty breathing. 

To correct the breathing problems, the California native decided to go for rhinoplasty. In her rhinoplasty procedure, a facial plastic surgeon repaired the damage to her nose’s bone structure and cartilage and restructured damaged and misshapen nasal passages, thus making breathing easy. 

Cameron Diaz before and after Nose Job.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Since, Diaz’s rhinoplasty was focused more on making breathing easy rather than making a perfect looking nose thus a huge difference in her nose cannot be seen even after surgery. 

Cameron Diaz Was Not Happy with her Botox Treatment  

Charlie’s Angels actress in her first book, ‘The Body Book,’revealed trying botox treatment and not liking the result. She wrote; 

‘I’ve tried it(Botox Treatment) before, where it was like a little tiny touch of something. It changed my face in such a weird way that I was like, ‘No, I don’t want to be like that.’ 

Diaz further wrote that she would rather see her face aging than a face that does not belong to her at all. Also, she states that she is more than happy with her laughter lines. 

Cameron Diaz Do Not Have Problem With Plastic Surgery if That Makes People Happy 

Cameron, in an interview with Andy Cohen in 2016, shared her views on Hollywood obsession with plastic surgery. She told 

“For me, it’s about people’s choices, If that’s what makes you happy because honestly, there are procedures that people do that make them feel better about themselves. I am so for people feeling good about themselves”. 

Cameron Diaz Talked about her view on Plastic Surgery with Andy Cohen.
Photo Source: Siriusxm

The actress, however, reminded people that they make look younger on the outside because of the various cosmetic procedure, but their cells would still be aged. Thus, she asked people to focus more on well-being, health, and cellular health. 

Can’t agree more with Cameron Diaz. If a person is not healthy on the inside, his/her outward beauty will automatically degrade. Thus a person priority should be boosting health with Diet, nutrition and exercise rather than trying different cosmetic surgery to look young.

We hope you enjoyed the article, stay tuned with beautyfrown for more Celebrity Plastic Surgery articles.

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