Rise And Fall Of Belinda Carlisle: Age, Net Worth, Husband, Solo Career, Addiction, And More

Belinda Carlisle is an American singer, actor, and writer who has been actively involving in the entertainment field since 1977. She became widely famous after her association with the rock band “The Go-Go” making her one of the legendary pop icons. Although she gained stardom as a member of the band, she did exceptionally well in her solo career as well. Moreover, she also had her hands in the acting and in literature fields as an author. Her books also became really popular with the mass. Let’s explore more about the superstar’s life.

Early Life : Parents, Childhood, Schooling

Carlisle was born on 17th August 1958 in Los Angeles, California. She was born to Joanne and Harold Carlisle as the eldest child among all 7 children. When Belinda was 5, her father left the family. Consequently, the children and mother had to go through severe poverty.

Black and white picture of Belinda Carlisle's family taken a long ago
Family picture of Belinda Carlisle taken long ago
Source: Instagram@travels_with_ms_mason)

She completed her graduation from Newbury Park High School, where she was also a cheerleader. Then slowly, she started to move forward towards her passion i.e. music.

Career: Albums, Solo Songs, Ups And Downs

The 62-year-old rock star entered the music fraternity as a drummer for the legendary Punk rock band “The Germs” in 1977. After some time, she was associated with the all-female rock band “The Go-Go’s”. Her craze and career really boosted up when she was working as a lead singer in the band. “The Go-Go’s” was able to win the hearts of millions of people in America during the early 80s.

Their first album was released in 1981 which saw a huge success. In the following year, they released their second album “Vacation” and made a sell-out tour to major cities and states. In 1984, the band came up with another album “Talk Show” which didn’t meet the expectation from a commercial point of view.

The members of the band along with Carlisle herself were involved in drugs intake. With rising conflicts and issues in the group, the band broke up in the spring of 1985.

Band members of The Go-Go’s
Source: Instagram@travels_with_ms_mason.

After the band was separated, Carlisle still continued her musical journey as a solo artist. She was associated with the American record company, MCA Records. She came up with her 1st ever solo album “Heaven On Earth” in 1987 which gained huge attention and success.

In 1989, she released her second album “Runaway Horses” which celebrated great success as well. However, life isn’t just about success. Belinda had to face failures too. She got huge disappointment from her two albums in a consecutive row i.e. “Live Your Life Be Free”(1991) and “Real”(1993). After this, she was dropped by MCA Records. Yet, she still continued her journey but as of now, she doesn’t sing very often. She is happy in her family life.

The great artist also embarked on her step into an unexpected field of literature. She published a book “Lips Unsealed: A Memoir” in 2010. This book is basically about the ups and downs of Carlisle’s journey. The readers highly praised the book and called it inspiring and interesting.

Relationship: Husband, Son, Married life, Family

During her early days, the Pop Idol was in a relationship with Bill Bateman, an American drummer of “The Blasters”. They were together for two years.

Later, she broke up with him and dated a baseball player from America, Mike Marshall. However, this relationship also didn’t work and the couple broke up.

On 12th April 1986, the Mad About You singer married a politician and producer, Morgan Mason. They met each other five years before their marriage in an opening ceremony of a restaurant. Eventually, they fell in love and eloped to Lake Tahoe.

Belinda Carlisle with her husband and son posing for photo.
Family photo of Belinda Carlisle
Source: Instagram@travels_with_ms_mason.

The love birds have been together for 35 years now. The couple has a son, James Duke Mason who was born on 27th April 1986.

The sweet little family has been living a quality life in Thailand since 2017.

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How Much Is Her Net Worth? Earnings And Income Sources

Belinda Carlisle’s net worth as of 2021 is around $15 million. The multi-millionaire experienced success since her early career days in “the Go-Go’s.” The first album, “Beauty and the Beats,” was in number 1 for 6 weeks. Likewise, their second album, “Vacation,” also saw a huge success by selling 1 million copies.

Belinda’s solo career also became really fruitful and fame-full to her. Her songs always connected her with the audience, which helped her to gain a lot of fans. The songs like “Mad About Earth” and “Heaven is a Place on Earth” are still popular.

The least salary we can expect for her as a singer is $157782 annually. However, she is not just an ordinary singer but a pop star. In this regard, we can expect her salary must be many times more than the mentioned one.

Since Carlisle’s book also made remarkable sales, we can easily assume that she earned a handsome sum from the book as well.

Heaven is a Place on Earth singer also owns a YouTube channel Belinda Carlisle with 135k subscribers, from where she earns almost $7.2k-$115.8k per annum. She has her fan base all over the world, which significantly benefits to increase her net worth.

She has a beautiful house in Thailand where she is currently living.

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