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Behati Prinsloo-Levine’s Plastic Surgery Is a Hoax

It takes a lot, apparently, to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and for some people, all it takes is a really beautiful body. And yet, some feel the need to change something about their body. But it’s hard to say if they really have done something with their body, unless they confess. Yeah, quite a many have.

Behati Prinsloo has been one of Victoria’s Secret Angel since a decade ago, and her recognition skyrocketed since her wedding to pop-rock singer Adam Levine in 2014, who apparently dated another Anne V, another Victoria’s Secret model, before.

As for the topic under discussion, there have been some fair discussions as to whether Prinsloo-Levine’s had plastic surgery or not. Regardless, she has never admitted it herself that she’s done it, and still, signs pop up here and there.

Some Have Dug Up Photos for a Possible Plastic Surgery of Behati Prinsloo

The Namibian is said to have had a boob job done somewhere along the way of her modeling journey apparently because some could see subtle changes in her bosom in revealing dresses.

Yeah, hardly a proof.
Photo Credit: Carlo Buscemi, WireImage

When she came to more attention in 2014 for marrying Levine, some former pictures came to light. But after all these years, it really doesn’t seem that report was credible. And that’s two babies later.

2019, and not admitting it.
Photo Source: Behati Prinsloo Levine, Instagram

A touch of a different dress style can have an effect. Still, there have been comments here and there addressing plastic surgery with no proof but their words.

Yeah, still an angel.
Photo Credit: Gary Gershoff, Getty Images

Behati’s Confusing Post Suggesting Pregnancy But Not True

Back in March, a small black-and-white photo of her Instagram page confused her fans into thinking she as pregnant for the third time. Commenters suggesting ultrasound and such just popped up a lot in the photo.

Sometimes, accidents make for great art. Probably, not this one.
Photo Source: Behati Prinsloo Levine, Instagram

When it was enough, she came up to clear out that she was not pregnant and the photo was not an ultrasound, writing, “Guys. This is not an ultrasound lol. Dusty got hold of my phone and somehow posted this picture from my photo library i thought it was weird and cool and left it up.”

Levine and Prinsloo met in 2012 over an email when a mutual friend suggested him to consider her for his new music video. She says she fell in love over email and met a month after the first one. The did cross paths before that as she was in the runway in 2011 during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But he was dating Anne at the time.

Yeah, not the wedding moment.
Photo Source: Rex Features

The couple attended their first event together in October 2012 at the GQ Gentlemen’s Ball. But they were reported to have split for two months in 2013, with reports coming in that Levine was dating Nina Agdal. He confirmed the separation, but they did get back together again.

So yeah, two months after their reported breakup, they announced that they were engaged in July 2013. After a year of engagement, they got married in July 2014 in a private ceremony in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Their first child, daughter Dusty Rose, on September 21, 2016. And their second daughter, Gio Grace, was born on February 15, 2018. And yeah, she’s the one making out with him naked & covered in blood in his Animals music video.

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