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Details About Lee Si Young Plastic Surgery 

Lee Si Young (born Lee Eun-Rae on April 17, 1982) is a South Korean actress and former amateur boxer. In 2008, she made her acting debut in a guest appearance on season 3 of the Super Action TV procedural Urban Legends Deja Vu, followed by the historical drama ‘The Kingdom of The Winds’. Lee likewise featured in many dramas like ‘Wild Romance’ in 2012, ‘Boys over Flowers’ in 2009, ‘Playful Kiss’ in 2010, ‘Righteous Love’ from 2014-2015, and many more. 

The 38-years-old actress has won many awards and nominations, including KBS Entertainment Award, KBS Drama Awards, MBC Entertainment Awards, 1st Asia Artist Awards, and many more. For her athletic awards, she has won 7th National Amateur Boxing Championships, 33rd Presidents cup Amateur Boxing Contest, 7th Annual Women’s Amateur Boxing Competition, and many more.

It is a normal thing if famous people in South Korea connected with plastic medical surgery, including Lee Si Young. In any case, unique with for the most part Korean stars who didn’t unmistakably concede plastic surgery, Lee Si Young did the inverse. She courageously said that she has the works done. Things being what they are, what did she have? Let’s find out

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Lee Si Young has been connected with a few plastic surgery procedures since there were some critical changes found on her. The gossips started to emerge after the fans started to compare her before and after surgery photographs. The controversies stated that she went through some plastic surgery procedures. On a neighborhood, TV appearances, Lee Si Young made things simpler by letting it be known.

Lee Si Young before and after Rhinoplasty
Image Source: Pinterest

Korean actress who played in famous drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has taken advantage of the nose work. If we compare her before and after plastic surgery photographs we can observe the consequences of the surgeon’s work. She used to have a flat nose. Her previous nose wasn’t generally matching to her face. She presently shows up more beautiful with a better new nose shape. Nose work or Rhinoplasty procedure has reshaped her previous nose well.

Lee said that-

“I was honest when my past photos came out for the first time, too. I admitted it because you can tell (comparing the photos).”

It appears that Lee Si Young has taken a decent choice by reshaping her nose. On a local TV show, Lee Si Young made things clear by letting it be known.

 Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

As a superstar who consistently shows up before the camera, the former amateur boxer realizes better than physical appearance implies a great deal. To upgrade her magnificence, Lee Si Young at that point accepted to get the eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery which also called the Blepharoplasty has changed her precious little eyes look. 

Lee Si Young before and after Blepharoplasty 
Image Source: Pinterest

If we compare her before and after plastic surgery photographs, then its easy to see how her eyelids drastically changed. Her today eye looks significantly more open with increasingly lifted upper eyelids. It is unquestionably an opposite truth with hers in the past where she had littler eyes look. It is acceptable to see ‘Wild Romance’ actress shows up increasingly lovely nowadays. In her 38 years of age, Lee Si Young’s beauty is drawing in numerous eyes without a doubt.

She resembles Lee Ji-Eun’s (IU) and Angela Yeung Wing (Angelababy) who likewise getting the advantages of plastic surgery. Check them all and think about their plastic surgery results.

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