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All Surgeries Behind The Appearance of Christina Aguilera. Know All The Details Here!!!

Details About The Surgeries of Christina Aguilera

Plastic Surgeries are not unusual things for American celebrities especially when they are in acting sectors. The famous singers, as well as the social influencers, are found to be experiencing various surgeries to improve their fan following and career. They all tend to look young and charm without losing their natural beauty. Among one of these is Christina María Aguilera, an American singer who is one of the Hollywood stars.

The talented singer of ’90s got the attention of the surgeon when she seemed rarely aged even after 25 years into the career. She is rumored to have done breast implants, nose job(Rhinoplasty), cheek fillers and lip augmentation. Looking at her pictures, one can verify the effects of plastic surgery.

Nose Job

One of the main surgery experienced by the song-writer is the Nose Job (Rhinoplasty). She previously had a bulbous nose which has now changed into much thinner and pointed. It seems that she has undergone some surgeries to enhance her Nose Bridge. Rhinoplasty is also done in the case when the patient feels uncomfortable in breathing and other respiratory functions but with Christina Aguilera, this doesn’t seem the case. She must’ve had it done to improve her looks and the surgery also had favored her as it looks better on her face. Compare the singer’s nose job with Jennifer Aniston.

Cheek and Lip fillers

The American singer also seems to have done some improvement in her lips and cheeks. Her cheek was little chubby and fat but now, the facial skin seems tight and her cheek looks fresh and charming. Not only cheeks but the changes are also seen in her lips too. Her lips have changed from bigger to full and thinner. The new lips have a good impact on her face. Thus, the cheek fillers and lips augmentation seems to support her. Here we provide you a picture of her:

Christina Aguilera before and after Facial Surgery
Image Source: Flickr

So, looking at the pictures, we can find some differences in her facial appearance which may be the result of her nose job, cheek fillers and lips augmentation. Thus, the actress must’ve had it to enhance her appearance.


With the growing age of the singer, she seems worried about her aging signs, so the Botox is also the supposed surgery that Christina may have gone through. Botox has always been a good thing to eradicate the signs of aging and looking youthful. It also creates a smooth forehead and limits any frown or expression lines. Also in the case of Christina, it has worked well because the singer doesn’t possess any kind of aging signs even in her forties.

Breast Implantation

Along with the appearance, physical looks also have become equally important in the case of celebrities. So, most of the American personalities are found to be going through breast augmentation to look sexually attractive and younger.

Christina Aguilera Before and after breast implants
Image Source: Glamour Fame

The famous surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn also commented on the singers’ surgery as-

“I’m a big fan of hers. She does appear to have had a breast augmentation and possible rhinoplasty, but who cares? She looks great and has a fantastic voice.”

So, in spite of the surgery, the fans still haven’t loved her less than before. Also, the impact of the surgery is good suggests us her surgeon had done a great job.

With her new breasts, she looks sexier than she was and also had a good fan following with her new looks. Compare her breast implants with Gemma Atkinson and let us know your opinions.

Although the singer has experienced various surgical procedures, she doesn’t have lost her beauty. Fortunately, the surgeries aren’t showing any bad effects on her appearance. Are you also a fan of Christina Aguilera’s surgery? What do you think of the singer?

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