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All Details on K-pop Baekhyun EXO Plastic Surgery

Grab all detail of Baekhyun EXO Plastic Surgery!

Since 2010’s Korean pop has been extraordinary impacts all over the world. Most asian have already fallen in love with their culture. Some individuals are found to be addicted to their movies, songs and drama. In any case, a plastic surgery in that region , is actually an extraordinary thing to examine. 

Baekhyun of EXO was said as one of Korean vocalist who may have  gotten plastic surgery. The differences in his past and present pictures can be easily distinguished and he seemed to have gone through nose and jaw surgery. 

Baekhyun EXO Plastic Surgery – Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

The nose work, or rhinoplasty is very famous today. Numerous people attempted to do this for better appearance. The handsome looking singer  might have gone through it as well. Looking at the pictures of him, we can see that his current nose seems slimmer and the tip of the nose, too, is small.

Before & After Comparison.
Image Source: Pinterest

Many teenagers are in love with him because of his appearance. So,he had done great job improving his nose and jaw with surgery. 

His eyes looked new and progressively open at present. It might consist double eyelid surgery. His eyes seems different from normal korean individuals. Further, it was observed that the jawline is completely different from before. He has got a more ‘V” line of jaw and it has made a strong impact on his face. 

Face Surgeries

However, the Korean singer has not claimed anything about the surgery, so the subject of surgical procedure seems controversial. 

Some of his fans disagree that he had undergone surgery and the  changes in his appearance is explained as the growth and make up technique. 

Baekhyun EXO Before and After plastic surgery.
Image Source: Pinterest

What are your  thoughts on this ? Do you think he may have undergone any surgeries? You can further check it on her Instagram. For more Celebrity Plastic Surgery articles visit beautyfrown.

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