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All Details on Carmen Electra Plastic Surgery

Grab all facts behind gorgeous actress/model Carmen Electra plastic surgery discussions.

We all have adored the versatile television personality Tara Leigh Patrick, better known as Carmen Electra is an American model, actress, dancer, author, and singer. There might be no sector left in the Entertainment industry that Carmen is left to spill her magic. 

And with the rising fame and name, the Scary Movie actress is also swirled with rumors regarding plastic surgery. So, in order to know the facts here, we present you with all the details, 

Has Carmen Electra Really Gien for Plastic Surgery?

Carmen plastic surgery rumors are one of the rumors we’ve been hearing from a long haul of time. Electra has been continuously been surrounded in the gossips regarding her plastic surgery. Well, today we’ll shut all the gossips spreading towards the actress opting for plastic surgery.

Carmen Electra Nose Job?

The 48 years old actress one of the highlighting features is her nose. And the Meet the Spartans actress Carmen’s nose job (rhinoplasty) is also one of the major trending subjects on the Internet. 

Electra rhinoplasty rumors are false.
Image Source: Pinterest

But if you analyze the two snaps above then you can witness that Electra nose pretty seems the same. And the minor increase in breast and shape can also happen due to various facts like growing age, weight gain & weight loss. So to conclude regarding Carmen Electra’s nose surgery, we can it’s not true. Electra is yet to go for rhinoplasty. 

Carmen Electra Breast Implants

The hot & sexy actress Carmen is also noted for her racy and sexy physique. Precisely the most noted one was a sea life savior and heart killer looks in a sexy jumpsuit. 

Electra ‘Before’ & ‘After’ breast implants.
Image Source: Pinterest

Carmen alluring chest definitely made lots of fans fall, however, on the other hand, the actress was also accused of undergoing breast implants for her extraordinary blossoms. Well, guess what, the Playboy model self-confessed regarding her bosom inserts as talking to Metro magazine the model shared that she enlarged from 32B and regret it now. 

I had breast surgery over ten years ago, taking me from a 32B to DD, which took a bit of time to get used to,’ she told Fabulous magazine. ‘I didn’t want to go as big as that. It’s nice that I don’t have to wear a push-up bra any more, but I could have left myself alone. ‘I think I was fine the way I was. I had nice breasts before – though they were small.

So yeah, all the circulating rumors regarding Carmen breast implants are true. But besides her chest implants, Carmen Electra denies all other cosmetic procedures like liposuction, eye lift, botox and all. So what do you guys think about her plastic surgery discussions? (You can yourself compare on her Instagram snaps)

We hope you enjoyed the article, stay tuned for more Celebrity Plastic Surgery articles on beautyfrown.

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