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All Details About The Surgeries Experienced By Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery

Nicole Avery Cox is an American actress and comedy writer. She is mostly known for her roles as Tiffany Malloy on the Television Series ‘Unhappily Even After’ from 1995-1999. Moreover, the writer has played in many movies like ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ in 1991, ‘Lonely Street’ in 2009, ‘Don’s Plum’ in 2001, and TV Series like ‘General Hospital’ from 1993-1995, ‘Pearl’ from 1996-1997, and many more.

Nikki Cox is also known as a dancer, apart from her acting and writing career, has received various awards and nominations, like, in 2016, she was nominated as the sole writer for Mohr’s Album Happy and A Lot for the Grammy Award for the Best Comedy Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.

42 years old Nikki Cox was believed to have gone under the knife to keep her young looks. Let’s see if plastic surgeries favored her or not!!!

Nikki Cox Lips Augmentation

It is always major news when a celebrity chooses to undergo the knife. Although it is the same old thing in Hollywood, it still creates a lot of enthusiasm among people. It same goes to Nikki when she has undergone the knife to improve her looks, it also got a lot of enthusiasm among her fans.

Nikki Cox before and after Lips Augmentation
Image Source: TomorroWoman

At the point, when you analyze pictures of the gorgeous actress from the past to what she looks now, you can unmistakably observe that she has changed completely. Some experts and people believed that she had minor procedures done. But, it seems like it’s not a minor procedure, by observing the before and after surgery photographs.

The main thing you notice in Cox is that her lips have changed on a great scale. Doesn’t it? Yes, her lips have become more full and bigger now. When contrasted with her old photographs, her upper lips look to be decreased while her lower lips look to have undergone augmentation. Furthermore, sadly it hasn’t worked for her. She presently has horrendous, unnatural looks. Thus, we can say that this procedure didn’t favor her well.

Nikki Cox Boob Job

Much the same as some other celebrity, her longing was to have breasts that are sufficiently enormous to fit into her structure. Anyway, the surgeon or expert who did the boob work missed a few boundaries making the output awful.

Nikki Cox Before and After Boob Job
Image Source: E! Online

Aside from lip augmentation, American comedic writer seems to receive a boob job. If we take a look at before and after plastic surgery photographs, the result came out like they appear bigger than it used to be. The breasts came out bigger but pushed up.

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The way Nikki Cox’s breast looks proves that she has received a boob work.

Nikki Cox Botox Injections

Some people and experts believed that she may have additionally gotten Botox injections. As many rumors are going on Cox having Botox injections. We know the real truth as the result speak for themselves.

Nikki Cox after Botox Injections
Image Source: Celebrity Keep

By observing the before and after plastic surgery photographs, we came to know that, on her face especially her forehead looks shiny and wrinkle-free than before which proves she has botox injections and fillers. (Compare from Instagram)

‘Lonely Street’ actress looked gorgeous even before her surgery. So her fans still wonder why she chose to get surgery in the first place. Unfortunately, it looks like surgery didn’t work well on her. Let us know, what you think about it.

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