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Did Julie Bowen only go through laser treatments? Grab all facts about her plastic surgery. 

Julie Bowen Luetkemeyer falls on the category of the American actress who underwent various plastic surgeries. In contrast to other actresses, she has clearly admitted that she went through some surgical procedures to improve her appearance a few years back. Without any hesitation, the actress mentioned about the laser treatments on her facial area. 

Taking a close look at her pictures, we cannot be certain that the American actress only had laser treatments. Many believe that the Modern Family actress also went through breast implants as her boobs are seen much bigger and different than before. However, the actress, till now, has not conceded herself about it. So, we can only assume that actress Bowen may have done a boob job too. Along with this, the gossip tidbits also tell us the actress have done nose job and botox. 

Julie Bowen Breast Implants  

Julie Bowen is said to have fake boobs as her breast is seen  drastically changing over a short period of time. She, previously, had small size boobs but now it has been much bigger and attractive.  

Julie Before & After breast implants.
Image Source: Pinterest

Also a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn added a comment about a drastic change in the size of the actress’s boobs. However, the consequence of her boob job has gone excellent. She has been loved with bigger breasts which makes her sexier.

Modern Family actress breast implantation has been a good example in Hollywood. Her surgeon has done a great job. Well, are you also in love with the way Julie Bowen carried her breast surgery? 

Julie Bowen Nose Job  

The gorgeous looking American actress is also said to have done nose job (Rhinoplasty). However, the nose job hasn’t made significant changes on her appearance as a breast implant. But the nose surgery she went cannot be considered bad.

Bowen nose Job speculations.
Image Source: Pinterest

The surgeon has a much carefully performed nose job at a small level so that the public won’t be able to identify it. But, you can see some changes on her nose, can’t you? (Compare from Instagram)¬†

If you want to know about another gorgeous actress’s nose job, read about Jennifer Aniston and Koena Mitra. For more celebrity plastic surgeries, visit beautyfrown.

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