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All About Paola Antonini Surgery, The Model’s Story Will Inspire You

All about inspiring personality Paola Antonini and her surgery.

This is something inspiring, and we don’t get to cover stories like these quite often. This story not only going to inspire to live life to its fullest but also will give you a whole different perspective on your life.

We, at first, would like to apologize if our words don’t match the greatness of this personality; however, we will give our best. 

We are talking about none other than Brazilian model, Paola Antonini; A 26 years old model from Brazil, who lost her leg in a car crash.

Paola Antonini’s Surgery

The model lost her leg in 2014 following a car accident when a drunken driver ran over her, according to Yahoo! news. According to the reports, her leg was crushed, and despite the attempts, Paola’s leg was amputated at the knee. 

Photo Source: Femme Friendly

Just when she was accepting and starting to learn to walk again, medical professionals advised her that she should have a second amputation, cutting her leg to above the knee. 

Contrary to our assumptions, Paola is not holding back; she just lost her leg; instead, she feels more inspired and motivated. The model found the best-suited platform for her, which was Instagram.

The model now has more than 2.8 million followers on her Instagram account. Paola stressed she chose to look at the situation from a glass-half-full perspective, instead of wallowing over what she lost in the accident. 

Paola said, “Between being unhappy forever and thankful for being alive, I chose the second option.”

How is Paola Antonini Taking Her Life Now?

So, let us take you back a while; Once the surgery was over, Paola had the long task of adjusting her life with one and a half legs. So, able to walk again, she would have to use a prosthesis.

Photo Source: Paola Antonini’s Twitter

As we mentioned earlier, she was focused on the positives; she launched straight into physiotherapy and started working on regaining her ability to walk. Paola never gave up her faith and never lost her determination. 

The model faced struggles and trauma at the beginning, but it was her determination and love from her fans that made the battle a little easier. Soon the model was all ready to hit the catwalk. 

The carefree Paola held her head high and started looking for modeling work again, but some thought she no longer had the charm, while some did not care about her disability at all.

And she made a comeback; since returning to the runway, the model’s career has gone from strength to strength. In fact, she is recognized and loved even more.

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