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Actress And RHOOC Star Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery Analysis

Heather Dubrow is an American actress and author who came into the limelight after appearing in the Bravo reality series The Real Housewives of Orange County.

She is married to a renowned plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow, and the couple is raising four children-twins, Nicholas and Maximillian, and daughters, Katarina and Collette.

When married to a plastic surgeon, you are bound to have people comment on your looks.

Dubrow has spent years surrounded by plastic surgery rumors- has she done any procedures? We have all the details.

RHOOC Star Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery Analysis

The 53-year-old reality star Dubrow is rumored to have done a few surgeries over the years; however, she has denied all the allegations.

In her 2016 interview with Refinery29, Heather talked about plastic surgery and how she thinks it’s cliche to have one.

“I haven’t had plastic surgery. To me, it just felt too cliché to be an actress, living in Orange County, married to a plastic surgeon…”

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Heather Dubrow, 53, denies having Plastic surgery

She further said that she had opted for a Botox in the past, but it is nothing major than that.

“I did decide to get Botox sparingly, but I’m all about non-surgical solutions to anti-aging. I know that because I’m married to a plastic surgeon, everyone thinks I have everything done under the sun, but there are pictures of me from basically birth until now [that prove otherwise.”

A botox is an injection used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. They also help to treat neck spasms, overactive bladder, and excessive sweating.

The procedure can last 3-4 months and cost anywhere from $300 to $600.

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Heather Dubrow Doesn’t Want To Be An Actress Married To A Plastic Surgeon With Lots Of Silicon

The That’s Life star has always denied having plastic surgery. In the same interview, she talked about not wanting to be a cliche plastic surgeon’s wife.

However, she revealed having an umbilical hernia after having kids and got her husband to fix it.

“I had an umbilical hernia after having the kids that he fixed and he cleaned up my C-section scar, but I haven’t had plastic surgery. To me, it just felt too cliché to be an actress, living in Orange County, married to a plastic surgeon — to have lots of silicone in me didn’t feel right.”.

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Actress Wife Heather Dubrow and plastic surgeon husband Terry Dubrow

Heather being a public figure, also expressed her concern.

“People say to me, “Oh, you’ve had so much work done,” and I’m like, “Well, I haven’t had any work done, but does that mean that I need to?” It’s hard.”

While she is adamant about not going under the knife, her spouse has openly discussed his procedures.

The American plastic surgeon most known for co-hosting Botched and its spin-off series Botched by Nature have admitted having lasers, fillers, some CoolSculpting”.

CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing method to eliminate the extra fat in certain parts of one’s body.

The procedures can last indefinitely, and their average cost is between $2,000 and $4,000.


Bunionectomy is a surgical method to move toes back into the correct position.

Actress/author Heather had the surgery in early 2022. She shared:

“My left foot isn’t as bad,” she explained. “I mean, should I have it done? Probably, but it’s not as bad. The right one is such a disaster. So again, I have to have a bunionectomy and my second toe has to be shortened and my third toe has an issue too. Like, there’s a lot of foot issues.”

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Heather Dubrow Had Bunionectomy

She did the surgery in Jan 2022 and shared a photo and recovery journey with her fans.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!”. She added, “Well… one week out from surgery and I’m doing MUCH better!”.

Her Teen Children Are Already Into Plastic Surgery

In an interview with US Magazine, Terry Dubrow revealed his profession and gave his daughters a huge interest in getting procedures done.

“Because we’re plastic surgeons, because of social media, my daughters are asking for procedures now daily, which is not something I’ve been a big fan of.”

He further said:

“They are sort of manipulating me into allowing certain things. … It’s an interesting time to be raising young girls.”

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Dubrow Family-Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow with their kids: Twins Nicholas and Maximillia, and daughters Katarina and Collette

The surgeon also revealed that his 17-year-old daughter Maximilia blackmailed him to get lip fillers.

“I had previously been against anything like that under the age of 21 or 18 for sure, but she said to me, ‘Well, I’m going to get my nose pierced if you’re not going to let me do that,'”

He continued:

“I said, ‘I’ll make you a deal. If you don’t get your nose pierced, I’ll let you have a little bit of … lip filler. She foes, ‘OK.’ So she gets it. She’s goes, ‘I was never going to get my nose pierced.'”

It will be interesting to watch how he and heather will deal with the situation when all of their kids want to have something done.

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