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About Kate Upton Plastic Surgery, The Model Says All Her Assets Are Au Naturel

Here’s everything you should know about Kate Upton’s plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements.

Kate Upton (born Katherine Elizabeth Upton) is an American model and actress known best for her appearance in the ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’ in 2011. Moreover, the model also appeared on the cover of the magazine for the years 2012, 2013, and 2017. 

Following her success in the modeling career, the 28-year-old tried her hands in acting, which turned out to be the right decision for her. Upton has appeared on movies like ‘Tower Heist’ in 2011, ‘The Other Woman’ in 2014, and ‘The Layover’ in 2017.

Since the actress/model is successful in her career fields, it’s pretty obvious the actress will come under the scrutiny of people for her look, which sadly is a norm these days. Despite there people who fight for the inclusion of all kinds of look in the showbiz industry, the other half just don’t mind judging people by their look.

This creates a stigma on celebrities and left insecure for their looks. And it is pretty standard these days for them to go under the knife in the hope of getting rid of their self-doubt. So, we kind of know what happens in Hollywood, and about Upton, she is also suspected of going under the knife. Let’s find out the truth.

Kate Upton’s Plastic Surgery

Before we dive right into the facts, if Kate Upton has had plastic surgery or not, we would like to take you on a tour of people’s opinions about Kate’s cosmetic enhancements. We have compiled some of the rumors of Kate Upton’s plastic surgery.

Kate Upton’s Rhinoplasty

Photo Source: Agency/GF

So, the first on the list is Kate’s nose. According to some experts and fans, Upton has had a nose job in the early years of her career. 

As you can from the picture above, if we compare her nose, the recent picture shows Kate has a trimmer nose. Moreover, her nostrils are also narrow compared to her old nose.

Kate Upton’s Breast Enlargement

Photo Source: Agency/GF

Kate’s enlarged breasts got people talking; while she always had a perfect size breast, but on her recent pictures, it seems she did opt for breast augmentation. Experts believe Kate Upton used silicone for her new firmer, more prominent, and rounder breast.

Other Procedures

Kate Upton is surrounded by her plastic surgery rumors all the time. So, apart from previously mentioned rumors, people also suspect Kate of using Botox for her face, filler for her lips, and so many things. But it seems all baseless as we tried to compare her past self with recent, we hardly noticed any difference.

What does Kate Upton say About Her Plastic Surgery?

Kate Upton never really bothered herself to answer to these plastic surgery rumors, all the speculations are unaddressed to date. However, back in 2015, when Kate was cheering for her then-fiance, now husband,  Justin Verlander, the rumors spiked up like crazy.

So, one of the media outlets, Lifestyle Magazine, reached to a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tal Roudner, to know his opinion about all the rumors of Kate Upton’s plastic surgery. 

Talking to the magazine, Dr. Roudner said, “Kate looks beautiful and very natural. If she had anything done, it was in the chin area, or she could have even lost a little weight! Kate Upton has not had any noticeable work done. She is older, and her face has thinned out. Kate is a natural beauty.”

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