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68 Whiskey Actress Gage Golightly

Born with a dream of being in the field of acting, Gage Golightly is a popular young face of Hollywood. Within a decade in Hollywood, she has been successful to live her dream as an acclaimed on-screen figure. The dyspraxia-diagnosed actress established worked in Don’t Ask (2005), Big Time Rush(2011), Red Oaks(2014), The Last Summer(2019), 68 Whiskey(2020), and so on.

Let’s have some detailed information about Gage below:

Gage Golightly Diagnosed With Dyspraxia- Age, Height & Family

Gage was born on 5th September 1993 in Penn Valley, California, USA. As of 2021, she is a 28-year-old lady who is enjoying and living the life she had dreamed of.

She was born the youngest among 4 children in her family. Her father was a doctor and her mother was a nurse by profession. Talking about siblings, she has two sisters and one brother who are all older than her.

Gage Golightly with her mother on left and father on right.
Gage Golightly with her parents.
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When Golightly was two, she was diagnosed with dyspraxia- a developmental coordination disorder. For this, she had to undergo speech therapy, however, this never stopped her from dreaming big and achieving those big dreams.

She attended Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy for her education to study medicine as her major subject.

The Red Oak star stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall which happens to be 1.73 meters. Her personality and aura are really pleasant and humble. She has golden hair and brown eyes. Her beautiful face is more beautified by her beautiful smile.

Did you know? People opine that she looks like a Canadian star, Sara Waisglass.

Career: Movies & TV Shows

The 28 years old actress had a keen interest in acting since she was a little girl. Her parents recognized her interest and passion and hence supported her to become an actress in whatever way they could. They moved to Los Angeles so that their daughter could be involved in acting from a very early age.

With the support from parents and her own interest, the actress made her debut in “Speakeasy”(2002) in the role of Eva. The following year she appeared in a Television film “A Carol Christmas” where she played the role of 9-year-old Carol. She was just 9 years old when she started working.

Since then, the “A Carol Christmas” child star is constantly and continuously working in this field. She has done a number of films and TV shows. She is more involved in TV shows compared to films and movies as owns 20 Television credits while the number of film credits counts 7 only.

After appearing in the movie “The Vest” in 2003, she took a break of 10 years from movies and made a comeback in 2013 in “Gone Missing” as Maddy. After her comeback in movies, she is continuously involved in movies. She played Amber in “Exeter” in 2015 and Karen in the movie “Cabin Fever”(2016). Her other roles and movies are Libby in “Step Sisters”(2018) and Paige Wilcox in “The Last Summer”(2019).

Meanwhile, she was actively involved in Television films and series without any break. As mentioned above, she worked in 20 Television shows in different roles. Some of her popular works as an actress include “The Long Shot”(2004) as Taylor Garrett, Hayley Steele in “The Troop”(2009-2011), Annie in “Big Time Rush”(2011). She played a recurring role as Tessa Banner in 7 episodes of “Ringer”(2011-2012) and the main role as Karen in 14 episodes of “Red Oak”(2014-2017).

Gage Golightly in white shirt and beautiful looks.
Gage Golightly’s looks for 68 Whiskey.
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She has been a part of many other Television shows apart from the mentioned one. Her most recent work is the comedy-drama TV series “68 Whiskey” where she portrayed the protagonist “Corporal Grace Durkin”.

Who Is Red Oaks Actress Dating Now?

The “Big Time Rush” star prefers to live low-key in regards to her personal life, no wonder, she won’t talk much about her family bond or her relationships.

Back in July 2019, the American actress seemed cozy with director and producer Jason-Christopher Mayer and hinted that they were dating through Instagram snaps. However, those posts are since deleted (or maybe archived), leading to suspicion if they are already on separate paths.

But, that’s not the only love story limelight she created. Back in 2015 fall, Gage and Zayn sent social media buzzing after the One Direction star shared a picture of cuddle with the blonde. Though neither confirmed their relationship and in no time, it went off.

Reportedly, from February 2011 to November that year, The Troop star had a brief fling with singer James Maslow. Other than these, she has been in many dating rumors, inclusive of Colton Haynes, Daniel Sharman, and Tyler Hoechlin- with the latter two, Golightly shared on-screen romance in Teen Wolf.

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Net Worth Of Gage Golightly [2021 Update]

As of now, the exact numbers of her net worth are not available to date, but many sources claim that Gage Golightly possesses a net worth of $3 million in 2021. A touted Hollywood A-lister, Gage enjoys luxurious life with all the popularity and wealth she has achieved through her passion and hard work.

Being into her career since a small child, she has accumulated remarkable wealth from this field. Since her TV debut in 2002, the Penn Valley, California native already has 28 acting credits, with most notable acting approach from TV projects.

In the USA, an actress earns a salary of $25 per hour or $57,000 per year on average. So, for an already acclaimed actress like Golightly, the payroll probably would be much more.

Moreover, an active Instagram with a massive 123K followers, she can expect $374- $623 per sponsored post; though yet she has not any records of endorsements.

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