Blanka Lipinska, a Polish author famous for writing the trilogy novel '365 Days'

‘365 Days’ Author Blanka Lipinska Biography

A Polish-born unintentional author Blanka Lipinska became famous worldwide with her novel 365 Dni (365 Days) trilogy. Formerly a cosmetologist, she never thought of writing a book until her personal life & awkward’s of society to talk about “sex” made her carve her words on papers.

Considered one of the best-selling erotic novelists, Lipinska even wrote the screenplay of the movie 365 Days, which attracted a lot of critics. Despite the backlash, the film is under production for a further two films based on Blanka’s 2nd & 3rd installment of the trilogy novel.

Where Is ‘365 Days’ Author Blanka Lipinska From? Age, Parents & More!

Born on July 22, 1985, Lipinska is from Pulawy, Lubelskie, Poland. As of early 2022, the Polish novelist is 36 years old and stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. Not much about the family background of Blanka is out; she is the daughter of Grzegorz Lipinski and Małgorzata Linpinksa.

Quite often, she shares pictures with her parents on Instagram; moreover, they are active on Instagram too- her father’s IG handle @lipek58, while her mother goes by @malgorzatael.

Blanka Lipinska with her mother & father
Blanka Lipinska with her mother & father
Image Source: [email protected]_lipinska

Blanka Linpinska completed her high school from Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr VI Zespołu Szkół nr 3 (translation: Secondary School No. VI of the School Complex No. 3). Afterward, she attend & graduated in cosmetology.

From A Cosmetologist To A Best-Selling Author

A former therapist-hypnotist never wanted to write & publish a novel on her own accord. In an interview with The Big Thrill in late 2021, the novelist addressed that she worked as a makeup artist back in 2005 but never had the interest to become a writer.

But it was in 2013 when Lipińska began to write a novel, which would become an international best-seller. After more than 4 years of reviews & insists from her friends, she published the first part of the trilogy 365 dni (365 Days) in 2018. Reportedly, it peaked the Empik bestseller list only after 2 months of release.

Then, it followed the release of further installments (in Polish): Ten dzień (2018) and Kolejne 365 dni (2019).

Now, the Polish erotic novel has been translated into more than 30 languages; its English translation 365 Days was published in January 2021, with the 2nd installment of the trilogy That Day in 2022.

As reported, the sales of Blanka’s novel count more than 1.5 million copies.

Film ‘365 Days’ Was Based On Novel By Blanka Lipinska

Lipinska’s fame surged even after her novel 365 dni became an adaptation for the 2020 film 365 Days. In the movie, aside from being its screenplay writer, she made a cameo appearance too. The Polish erotic-drama film featured the tangled chemistry between Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka despite the differences.

Other casts of the films include Bronisław Wrocławski, Otar Saralidze, Magdalena Lamparska, Natasza Urbanska & Natalia Janoszek.

Although there were many criticisms regarding the movie’s glorification of Mafia & “sexual” violence, further two movies based on further installments of Blanka’s trilogy are in the queue by Netflix.

Lipinska with actors Michele Morrone & Anna-Maria Sieklucka who played on-screen couple in her novel adapted-film '365 Days'
Lipinska with actors Michele Morrone & Anna-Maria Sieklucka who played an on-screen couple in her novel adapted-film ‘365 Days’
Image Source: [email protected]_lipinska

As per IMDB, an unnamed sequence of 365 Days is under post-production & scheduled in 2022. While the third film is under pre-production.

Suprising Inspiration For Novel!! Trigger From Failed Relationship

Blanka, who is quite bold & open about herself, often states her career as a novelist was accidental, so was the fame. Reportedly, the 365 Days author was formerly in a relationship with a “sadist” who often tortured her, but they later broke up.

Afterward, she began dating her then-boyfriend who didn’t have any interest in a physical relationship with her. This lack of attention to love along with her frustration for narrow-minded society regarding “sex” led her to pen down her fantasy.

Though, in her interviews, Lipinska Blanka refers to the novel as semi-autobiography but denied telling which parts were true. Not to mention, the Polish-born admitted to taking “Fifty Shades of Grey” of her inspiration too.

[Spoiler Alert!!] Why Fans Were Angry With 365 Days Ending?

After the film 365 Days was released in 2020, fans were restless to know more about the trilogy & read the further part of the novel. However, they were not happy with the ending.

As the storyline of the novel goes, a Mafia boss Massimo kidnaps Laura Biel & imprison her giving her a year to fall in love. However, by the third novel, Another 365 Days the love story twisted after Laura fell in love with another mob boss Nacho. Even though Massimo kidnaps Laura for the 2nd time, she escapes again & later unites with Nacho.

Reportedly, in an interview with The Big Thrill, Blanka confirmed that she began writing the 4th part of the novel in 2018, but is currently focusing on the film adaptations of her works.

Who Is Blanka Lipinska Dating Now?

As of 2022, the former cosmetologist-turned-novelist is not dating anyone at the moment.

Starting February 2020, she was dating Aleksander Milwiw-Baron, a Polish composer who was born on born on 13th December 1983 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Reportedly, they were even married but never nodded on the claims. At first, the two also denied claims of being in a relationship, however later admitted romance after paparazzi posted their picture together.

Polish author Blanka Lipinska is not dating; was formerly in a relationship with Aleksander Milwiw-Baron
Polish author Blanka Lipinska is not dating; was formerly in a relationship with Aleksander Milwiw-Baron
Image Source: [email protected]_lipinska

Before Milwiw-Baron, she was formerly engaged to Maciej Buzała. In an interview with Vivie!, Lipinska confirmed that the two met through mutual friends while on a vacation at the Polish kite surfing base. In September 2019, the former duo even pranked fans about their wedding after posing with a white gown & a tuxedo together.

She is in love with tattoos & traveling.

How Much Is Net Worth Of Blanka Lipinska In 2022?

Considered Poland’s highest-paid writers in 2019 (by Wprost magazine) Blanka Lipinska’s career charmed with fame & money showers through the novel trilogy 365 Days. As per online sources, the former cosmetologist has an estimated net worth of $200,000 as of 2022.

Originally published in 2018, the novel even now has a good market with international distribution of its translations.

Moreover, an avid Instagram user, Lipinska has endorsements with Aleksandra Kochanska (sunglass wear), Aurumroma (apparel), LE SH KA (headwear), and Kalska (designer wear). As per Influencer Marketing Hub, Blanka can sum up to $2,377 – $3,962 per sponsored post.

Since December 30, 2019, Blanka Linpinska runs a YouTube channel Blanka Lipińska with more than 42K subscribers & 14.686 million views. As per Social Blade, her YouTube channel earn her around $3.6K per year.

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