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‘365 Days’ Actress Natalia Janoszek Biography

For nearly a decade, Polish actress Natalia Janoszek is active in the industry, spreading her wings internationally. The first-ever Polish to work in Hollywood & Bollywood (Indian) films has only 8 on-screen credits; yet left a remarkable imprint through the movie 365 Days (2020).

The Bielsko-Biała native competed in more than 40 international beauty pageants since she was 16. No wonder, why she is considered the most titled Polish Beauty Queen. Moreover, Janoszek is a singer & TV producer/director. In the midst of a hectic schedule, she manages to pen her experiences; is the author of the book Behind the Scenes of Bollywood.

When & Where Was Natalia Janoszek Born? Age & Height In 2022?

Natalia Magdalena Janoszek, who hails from Bielsko-Biała, Poland, was born on June 15, 1990. A Gemini by birth, the Chicken Curry Law actress is 31 years old as of 2022 & stands 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) tall.

Unlike her professional venture, Janoszek never opened up much about her family except she has 2 brothers. But this doesn’t back down the fact that her parents are very supportive; they allowed her to work in folk groups by the age of 3 & travel internationally by her teens.

Academics- Graduate of University of Warsaw

After completion of her high school in her hometown, Janoszek moved to Warsaw & did an international Business Program at the University of Warsaw. Moreover, she completed her MA in International Business Program from the same university.

Natalia’s acting interest saw her enrollment in acting institutes as well. Having studied at Polish Theater in Bielsko, the 365 days actress attended Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

Pageantry Career Challenges- How Natalia Janoszek Became Most Titled ‘Polish Beauty Queen’?

The Polish actress, whose career came in hype after pageantries, holds the records of most beauty pageant attendance, totaling more than 40 international pageants. But it was only after her work with folk groups art group that bestowed her confidence & interest in public exposure.

By the age of 3, Natalia worked with Beskid, a local dance & vocal ground; later she joined Bielsko & toured internationally performing.

At 17, Janoszek competed & won in a local beauty pageant, which inspired her for further pageantry. However, standing only 5 feet 4 inches saw her showers on comments on her appearances. But rather, she chose to stand up & prove that beauty is beyond the height or size standard.

Natalia Janoszek represented Poland in more than 40 international pageants & became the most titled Polish Beauty Queen
Natalia Janoszek represented Poland in more than 40 international pageants & became the most titled Polish Beauty Queen
Image Source: [email protected]

As a result, the Dreamz actress went to represent Poland in 40 international beauty pageants. Notably, it included the Miss Peace International 2009, Miss Ocean International 2011, Supermodel International 2012 & Miss Bikini Universe 2013.

In an interview with L’Officiel Arabia in October 2021, she opened up about her journey to become the most titled Polish beauty Queen. Moreover, Natalia Janoszek also told that after representing Poland in Miss Multiverse in the Dominican Republic in December 2021, it would be the end of her pageantry career.

Acting Career In Bollywood, Hollwood & Polish Industry

In 2013, Janoszek made her acting debut with the Bollywood film Dreamz: The Movie. Actually, it was back in 2012 during Supermodel International finals in Thailand, the Bollywood producers spotted her & later approached her.

In the Sumana Mukherjee-directed Bollywood drama movie, she portrayed the lead Aafreen alongside Serena Lorien, Melissa Biggs, and Aiden Angeli.

Moreover, she worked in another Bollywood film Flame: An Untold Love Story (2014), featuring Hrishitaa Bhatt, John DeLong & Hemant Pandey.

Natalia’s Hollywood entry came with her work in the documentary film The Green Fairy (2016). Additionally, in the mid-2010s, she made her debut as a director & producer, thanks to the documentary Beauty Queen: Follow Your Dream (2015) opposite Linda Blair.

With these credits, she became the first-ever Polish to work in both Bollywood and the Hollywood film industries.

Most Promising On-Screen Work Of Natalia Janoszek

In 2019, the Polish-born actress & beauty queen made her remarkable appearance as Maya Johnson in The Chicken Curry Law, a Bollywood film. The movie is based on a true story called the Goa case; it showcases a story of a girl who comes to India for a career but falls prey to the ones with politics & money power.

Rising forth through the trauma of the “sexual” abuse, the character Maya Johnson fights for her rights. In the films, she shared the screen with actors Ashutosh Rana and Makrand Deshpande.

Actress Natalia Janoszek won two 2018 & 2019 JIFFA Awards
Actress Natalia Janoszek won two 2018 & 2019 JIFFA Awards
Image Source: [email protected]

Her on-screen portfolio strengthened even more after she worked in the Polish erotic romantic drama 365 Days. Based on the novel 365 Dni by Blanka Lipińska, the film stars Anna-Maria Sieklucka & Michele Morrone, where Janoszek appeared in a minor role as Karolina.

Yet the role proved to be one of her trademark on-screen works.

Thanks to her proficient acting, she won the 2018 and 2019 Jharkhand International Film Festival Awards (JIFFA).

Also, in 2020, she appeared as a lifeguard in the film The Swing of Things.

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How Much Is Net Worth of Natalia Janoszek?

Online sources estimate that the Polish actress Janoszek owns a net worth of $800,000 as of 2022. Most of her income came through her beauty pageant appearances, which led her to an acting career too. Yet a limited acting credits, Natale exposed her talent worldwide with works in acclaimed films: The Chicken Curry Law and 365 Days.

Moreover, with more than 40 pageantry appearances, it shot her into modeling & so came the offers of endorsements. On her Instagram, she has paid partnerships with Modivo (accessories), FeelTheFlow (sports accessories), MICHAEL CINCO (clothing), and Palazzo Versace Dubai.

Polish actress Natalia Janoszek, the cover girl for  L'Officiel Arabia has $800K net worth in 2022
Polish actress Natalia Janoszek, the cover girl for L’Officiel Arabia has $800K net worth in 2022
Image Source: [email protected]

Also, as a part of promotional deal, she often mentions Boda Skins (clothing), Casadei (Italian shoe brand), Pinko (handbag), ZoZo Design Jewellery, Elisabetta Franchi (DESIGNER clothing), NADINE MERABI (luxury womenswear), Victoria’s Secret Poland and Lou.pl (clothing).

As per Influencer Marketing Hub, Natalia can sum up to $2,386.5 – $3,977 per sponsored post via Instagram.

In October 2021, the world’s oldest fashion magazine L’Officiel Arabia featured her in the magazine.

Ambassador of Superbid.io

Currently, Natalia is the ambassador for SuperBid.io, a social-auction app, particularly a crypto community platform. Based on NFTs, the app connects stars & influencers with fans where they sell NFT Moments. In April 2021, only after a month of the launch, SuperBio.io reached a per-share value of $1 in the market.

As of January 2022, it has a market cap of $3.06 million.

Janoszek often mentions & tags the Instagram page of SuperBid.io on her social media. The Superbid.io co-founders are Patrick Gajda (CEO) and Wojetk Sobczuk (CTO).

Personal Life- Who Is Natalia Janoszek Dateing Now?

A famed actress & pageant personality Natalia is often in the circle of queries regarding her personal life. Currently, the Polish actress is not married or has any official confirmation about her dating. Moreover, Janoszek is yet to confirm if she has a boyfriend yet.

No report on her past relationship is out.

Back in October 2018, The Green Fairy actress tease her fans with an Instagram post about her dating life. She wrote, “I know u were dying to know who am I dating so here U go! Couple goals so much right?”, & shared a picture with a seal.

Natalia tease her fans about her dating story in an Instagram post of 2018
Natalia tease her fans about her dating story in an Instagram post of 2018
Image Source: [email protected]

In addition to being an actress, she is an author too. Natalia wrote the book Bollywood Backstage about her experience in the Indian film industry. An avid travel lover, the 365 Days actress visited many countries as a performing artist in her childhood & now as a beauty queen & actress.

Her Instagram (@nataliajanoszek) has more than 1.1 million followers as of early 2022. She joined Twitter in August 2010, & goes by the handle @nataliajanoszek.

Did you know? Back in 2018, Natalia was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called Embolism & Pulmonary Infraction.

Charity Works

Janoszek is an active charity worker & has an association with UNICEF and WWF. Moreover, the animal lover speaks for rights for animals & environment conservation; she supports Judyta’s Puppy Foundation, Otwarte Klatki (Open Cages), & Fundacja WOŚP.

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